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        Smart Environment Industrial Intelligence Smart Lab Ecological Comprehensive Development
        • Smart Environment
        • Industrial Intelligence
        • Smart Lab
        • Ecological Comprehensive Development
        Environmental Measurement Process Control Scientific Analysis Intelligent Management Platform
        Environmental Measurement
        FPI provides one-stop monitoring solutions of emission, ambient quality and water quality in the field of environmental measurement. By combining global expertise with local support, FPI delivers the cutting-edge technologies of analytical instrumentation with an accessible networks worldwide.
        Waste Water
        Process Control
        FPI is committed to technological innovation in past decades. With combined experience in the process control, FPI provides different measurement solutions to help plants optimize process, enhance safety and generate additional value in a wide range of applications such as iron & steel, power, oil & gas and refinery. FPI has thousands of references worldwide to prove its competence in terms of technology and service, especially in iron and steel plants. In an iron and steel plant, the use of process analytic is required at several locations of the plant with different objectives. The measured data obtained from the analyzers are used to monitor and control the economic efficiency of entire operation and safety for personnel and equipment.
        Mass Spectrometry
        Scientific Analysis
        The story of FPI starts from laboratory research and development on spectrometers. Based upon these experience, FPI has expanded to complete range of scientific instruments of Mass-Spectrum, Chromatograph and Spectrograph technology. Typical products are ICP-MS, GC-MS, ICP-OES, Spark-OES, AAS, XRF and Near-Infrared, each of these benchtop instruments are widely used in various laboratories and institutes.
        Mass Spectrometry
        Flow Injection
        Automated Laboratory
        Intelligent Management Platform
        FPI's main business is R&D, production and sales centered on high-end analytical instrument product technology, as well as innovative application development based on the deep integration of industry customer demands.
        Environmental Informatization
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        Water Conservancy and Affairs Informatization
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        Informatization of Ecological Development
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        Environmental Measurement Process Control Scientific Analysis Intelligent Management Platform
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